Find it, Create it, Design it - WE BUILD IT.

We have felt so honoured and proud to be part of a multitude of projects from Calgarians just like you. Whether in your home or at your office, we have built everything from custom kitchen and bathroom cabinets, entryway lockers, bunk beds, and armoires, to custom office desks, conference tables and bookshelves. We do not shy away from a good challenge. If you've got an idea, we'll figure out how to build it. 


Over the past 10 years Calgarians have trusted us in their homes to complete renovations both big and small with the majority of our work focusing on kitchen, bathroom and mudroom projects. This is where Bennett Built really shines. Coordinating trades can be stressful and when mismanaged can add weeks onto your completion deadline. When you hire Bennett Built you get access to the trusted  and proven trades we have relied on time and again to finish projects on time.


Our outdoor season can often times be short so why not spend as much time as you can enjoying it and leave the rest up to us? Got a deck or pergola design? Working with a landscaper and need a custom build? No problem. Let us join the team and take care of your landscaping builds. The quicker the project is completed, the quicker we get you and your family outside relaxing and enjoying your BBQ!